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Roof Against Clear Blue Sky


Welcome to our FAQ! If you still have questions about our process or would like more information please give us a call today! 

Why Sheppard Roofing?

We offer big company professionalism without the big prices. Right for the first phone call you're treated like you matter.

I just called for an estimate...

What now?

A Sheppard Roofing representative will call you promptly to discuss your project. We will understand your budget, discuss the install process, our packages and anything else important to know before we open an estimate order. 

What is the estimate process like?

We guarantee a FULL roofing quote within 48 hours of inquiry. Sheppard Roofing will provide a free satellite scan of the project and send our official estimate via email. These are provided free of charge, your rep is always available to discuss any questions you may have. 

What does my quote look like? 

Our easy to understand quote is broken down into install elements and the corresponding materials. Below, you will see our different package prices with their offerings. These prices include HST, you can discuss with your rep any questions about your quote.

Let's do my roof... What now?

You will contact Sheppard Roofing to confirm your chosen package and discuss any add-ons or details (chimney flashing etc.). Your rep will plan an install date agreed upon and weather will also be a factor with a floating date if needed. Most installs require no deposit but some exceptions apply.

The roof looks great!
What now?

We remove our disposal trailer and conduct a final inspection with ground clean-up. Final pictures are taken of the finished product and sent to you. After payment is fully received, our 10-year labour warranty and 50-year GAF registered warranty is applied to your project - in your personal name.

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